About Ricky Diaz

“What do you bring to the table?”
“I bring the table…”

More than just an entertainment public figure.
Ricky Diaz is a brand built on the diversity of skill. An accomplished business development leader, Ricky Diaz has over a decade of experience driving revenue through creative and dynamic innovations within the manufacturing and entertainment media industries. A brand builder with an acute aptness to captivate and engage audiences. Having unparalleled experience as a journalist, political commentator, actor, technology innovator, interviewer, investor, and entrepreneur, Ricky is divergent in his expansion of ability and aptitude.

A political leader with a proven ability to navigate antithetical political lines, by leveraging exemplary communication with an unapologetically bold candor in order to effectively promote unity through achieving the mutual goals of the people as a cross-platform leader. An individual contributor to national progress with an objective to unify the voice of “party politics” renegades.

Ricky News

Ricky Diaz joins Matthew McConaugheyIsla Fisher, and Snoop Dogg in the upcoming American drama film The Beach Bum written and directed by Harmony Korine being shot in Miami, Florida where he plays Jonathan the Best Man.

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